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April 4, 2022

Are you struggling with your weight? Have you tried every diet out there and still can’t seem to lose the pounds? If so, you may want to consider seeking professional help. Lifelong Metabolic Center is an Aurora weight loss center that can provide you with the tools and resources you need to achieve your weight loss goals. We offer a variety of services in the fields of obesity and weight management, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Contact us today to learn more about our programs!


Why Isn’t the Weight Coming Off?

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, the weight won’t go away.

There might be a reason beneath the surface why the weight isn’t coming off.

A medical weight loss approach may be able to help you figure out why the weight isn’t coming off and help you lose weight.


Why Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss is based on science.

The team at Lifelong Metabolic Center is highly skilled and has years of experience in helping people lose weight.

Medical weight loss may be able to help you if your weight isn’t coming off for other reasons such as hormone imbalances, genetics, or thyroid problems.

We offer a variety of services that can help you achieve your weight loss goals.


How Can You Get Away from Food?

The truth is you can’t escape food. We can’t live without it.

You can’t avoid social functions and parties due to unhealthy food being present.

However, Lifelong Metabolic Center can help you improve your food-related habits. Sign up to get our 5 Weight Loss Tips and 5-day email course, free.


What Treatments are Available for Weight Loss?

Our Aurora weight loss center offers the following services for our weight loss programs:


Body Composition Analyser

We utilize at-home body composition scales to monitor changes in body fat and muscle mass through your journey.  It’s about total body health — not just the number.


DNA Testing

Lifelong Metabolic’s weight loss program includes a DNA test to help us determine what foods and types of exercises will be most effective for your weight loss to be sustainable, lifelong.


Nutritional Counseling

We provide meal plans, specific food lists, and guidance through food cycling for a rapid, safe weight loss at the beginning and moderate healthy lifelong plans for weight maintenance.


Weight Management Programs and Support

We don’t just want you to lose weight during the program; we want to set you up for success. We focus on long-term weight management strategies and offer support with personalized coaching throughout the program.


Start Your Weight Loss Journey with Our Aurora Weight Loss Center

If you’re ready to start your weight loss journey, our Aurora weight loss center is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how we can help you achieve your goals! We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Results May Vary: Causes for being overweight or obese vary from person to person. Whether genetic or environmental, it should be noted that food intake, rates of metabolism and levels of exercise and physical exertion vary from person to person. This means weight loss results will also vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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