Nutritional Counseling

At Lifelong Metabolic Center, we understand how important it is to be counseled on nutrition. We will give you specific lists of foods for our early jump-start phases and slowly work other foods into the program and your life. Our lifelong plan consists of all food groups—while guiding what moderation looks like for you. We believe that accountability, encouragement, and proper supplementation are the keys to making our program a success.

Getting Your Nutrition In Check

You will receive an initial consultation, in-office or FaceTime visits during each round of care, and encouragement through texts.

The high level of accountability helps encourage you and also allows Dr. Borre to get to know your body and weight loss patterns.

What The Process Entails

At Lifelong Metabolic Center, we ask for a personal health history, diet background, and family history in our initial consultation. We use this information to make certain we have the right program for you.

Our program is a 4-phase system. We first complete the initial consultation and then put the kit needed in your hands. You will receive a complete kit to get started including-an instruction manual, recipe booklet, food journal, all 5 supplements, and the dna test kit with postage paid envelopes to mail the test kit to the lab and the office paperwork back to Dr. Borre.

Phase 1

Add supplementation and additional healthy fats because they are satiating and help you to transition into the program comfortably.

Phase 2

The second phase includes 40 days where you will have a specific plan of proteins, fruits, and vegetables from our approved foods list. They are all anti-inflammatory and low glycemic, which keep your blood sugar and insulin steady. This prevents spikes and dips in energy levels. We want you to not only feel good once you are done with the plan, but we also want you to feel amazing WHILE you are on the plan as well.

During this phase, you will text Dr. Borre daily every morning as soon as you weigh in. Expected weight loss for this phase is around 20 pounds for women and a bit more for men. When you follow our advice and instructions exactly, you can get some amazing results! This is why regular communication is key in this phase.

Phase 3

The third phase expands to 6 meals per day for 21 days. We want your body to become tight, toned, and firm, so you will eat approved foods frequently for a natural metabolic burn. We purposely slow down the weight loss in this phase. You can expect to lose between 3–5 pounds. Texts are sent on a weekly basis.

Phase 4

The final phase is where you follow your DNA report recommendations and receive monthly coaching from Dr. Borre. The coaching includes a new “digital” food journal along with a list of recommended foods and foods that should be eaten sparingly. The DNA report gives the right range for your exercise “score,” or MET, and a list of common exercises and what their MET values are.

Dr. Borre will walk you through the process of designing good nutrition and exercise plans to fit the requirements of your report.

As you can see, nutritional counseling is very important and has a place in every phase of this program.

Understanding Your Analysis

You can use the information from the coaching sessions not only for success while on the program, but also to keep the weight off for LIFE.

During the Lifelong Metabolic Center program, we work on bad habit replacements, write reminders of why you started the program and post them around your home, and take “before” and “after” photos to help keep you motivated.

How We Apply The Data

We know that weight loss can be a very personal journey.

We take the emotional side of this equation very seriously. We also put great stock in the science behind our program. We take the data collected during our coaching and use it to help motivate you to success.

Once Dr. Borre has gotten to know you, your body, and your routine, she can apply those things and more into making your Lifelong Metablic Center program the absolute best it can be! Dr. Borre loves to educate her patients on nutrition, exercise, and general health based on one-on-one interactions throughout this entire process.


Results May Vary: Causes for being overweight or obese vary from person to person. Whether genetic or environmental, it should be noted that food intake, rates of metabolism and levels of exercise and physical exertion vary from person to person. This means weight loss results will also vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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